The Best LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Resource for 2015 [Free Download]

Distributed by LinkedIn for free, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn has been updated for 2015. It was compiled by LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Global Content Marketing and Marketing Solutions, Jason A Miller.

Who can this free 2015 LinkedIn User’s Guide benefit? You need this if you are …

  • … a Small Business Owner who handles your own marketing.
  • … a Marketing Director or Marketing Manager looking to clear up some items on your “to do” list by letting LinkedIn work 24/7/365 generating B2C or B2B leads and business for you and your company.
  • … a LinkedIn user that wants to wake up every day to headhunters and recruiters from top companies begging to connect with you.
  • … a freelance B2C or B2B Copywriter, Graphic Designer or other self-employed entrepreneur that would like LinkedIn to locate an endless supply of dream clients.
  • … anyone that wants to increase exposure for yourself and your company, while being presented as a professional authority in your field.

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In very simple, straightforward terms, LinkedIn tells you exactly how to use the world’s largest professional social media network to discover B2C and B2B lead generation strategies, and also…

  • 5 quick ways to boost your presence in the LinkedIn search engine – page 14.
  • How to (and why you should) expand your network of major LinkedIn influencers – pages 16 and 17.
  • What type of content best connects with audiences on LinkedIn – page 18.
  • How most marketers and small business professionals are “getting it wrong.” on LinkedIn – page 19.
  • Your best advice for writing a compelling company page update – page 22.
  • Everything you need to know about LinkedIn advertising – page 24.
  • How to deliver e-mail directly to LinkedIn members in boxes – page 27.
  • How to use the special (and little-known) LinkedIn Lead Accelerator to drive high quality B2C and B2B leads to your business or website on autopilot – page 31.
  • The incredibly effective 4-1-1 rule of social engagement – page 38.
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups … the right way – page 47.
  • 3 reasons to publish long form content on LinkedIn – page 48.

This 58 page exhaustive “how to use LinkedIn as a B2B lead generation, job finding, client seeking machine on autopilot” immediately and positively impacted my own lead generation and client seeking efforts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn - The King of B2B Lead Gen
LinkedIn – The King of B2B Lead Gen

In this free report LinkedIn tells you exactly how to use their platform to get what you want. Whether you need to get hired for a traditional job, you are a B2C or B2B Marketing Director in charge of lead generation, or you want to find clients for your freelance business.

I strongly urge any small business owner, person in charge of B2B lead generation at their company, and any freelancer or professional job seeker to download and use this amazing, free resource as soon as possible. ( Free Download here >>> ) 2015 LinkedIn B2B Lead Gen Resource.

The information Mister Miller and the LinkedIn team passes on is invaluable. I can honestly say I would have happily paid $100 for this resource. (It can easily deliver tens of thousands of dollars in B2C and B2B leads, prospects and business). Aside from being a freelance B2B copywriter and LinkedIn profile optimization specialist, I have no affiliation with LI or this report. I am simply sharing this incredible resource with you in the hopes that you can use it to achieve whatever online marketing goals you or your company has in 2015 and the future.

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LinkedIn has grown to more than 350 million global members. This may look small compared to the more than 1.2 billion users on Facebook. However, on LinkedIn you do not have to put up with funny baby and crazy cat pictures.

Everyone is on LI to conduct business, meaning there are serious individuals and companies on LinkedIn right now trying to find you and hire you or your company. I call The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn the Best LinkedIn “How To” B2B Lead Generation Resource for 2015. When you get your hands on this actionable information, you will see exactly why I feel that way. Free Download at this link, you can thank me later :) >>>> 2015 LinkedIn B2B Lead Gen Resource.
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P.S. Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Reach out to me on LI or at, and let me help you harness the autopilot client finding, “dream job locating” ability of the world’s largest professional social media hangout.

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