Client Success Stories

Just a few testimonials and client success stories.


“Patrick has been writing content for our websites for over 2 years now, and we consider him one of our most valuable resources.He is versatile enough to write on any project we’ve approached him with, and always delivers impeccable work. He takes direction very well, and does not hesitate to ask questions when he needs more information, a quality which I appreciate.In some cases he knows better than I do concerning which approach would be best on some projects.

He is a pleasure to work with. He makes a strong contribution to our company and is considered the go-to writer when we need high quality content for our important projects.”

Kevin V., Owner, Hawkeye Marketing Group View Patrick Brian O'Neill's profile on LinkedIn

“Patrick’s writing has been the cornerstone of my revenue and has driven thousands of dollars in sales revenue for the company.I was able to give my daughter a beautiful wedding reception thanks to the dramatic increase in sales which occurred when Patrick came on board.” From the desk of Carrie Venclauskas, Web Content Manager and Web Marketer
Outstanding ability to drive CTR with words, he is exceptionally gifted to write in a clear and convincing way. Has a lot of initiative which makes him the perfect creative copywriter.
It is clear that his work is always well researched, way beyond what was expected of him.
Always finishes projects as promised, never misses a deadline.

I know the word over-delivers is a cliche, but with Patricks’ work it’s absolutely true. With all previous projects Patrick always over-delivers BIG TIME, and providing this testimonial was a pleasure, as is every aspect of working with Patrick.”

Maartin Strydom – IMer and Warrior Forum Member
Well I hired Patrick for some reviews and he went above and beyond. Turns out the product was more technical than I realized, but he handled it well and made the technical aspects easy to understand, tying them in with the benefits of the product.Will be ordering more!Ruth Pound – Owner Net PLR
Senior Warrior
Ruth P UPDATE …I’ve been working with Patrick for around 6 months now, so I wanted to update my testimonial – in short I’m so happy I’ve found him!He is very reliable and can handle all the projects I throw at him – that includes emails, reports, articles, literally anything.I always double check any copy for quality but I don’t need to do that with Patrick’s – saves me a lot of time!
Very happy with Patrick’s work and hoping I’ll continue to work with him for a long time!Ruth P
Owner Net PLR
Senior Warrior
Not only does he give you excellent copy that works, but he overdelivers. My niche is very unique, so I needed some modifications on how the content will flow and Patrick accommodated my requests and delivered the revisions in less than a day, to be exact in 20 hrs.Also, communication is very fast. Preparing more work for Patrick.”

CebuHyperactive Warrior and IMer

“If you need more and better quality leads, higher conversions, more eyeballs on your offer, more sales and more personal freedom to spend your time as you wish, then we need to talk.”

You receive the above mentioned benefits from my typical services, which include using proven psychological and scientific persuasive copy strategies for developing high converting …


  • Sales pages
  • Lead Generation funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Home page and webpages
  • Short reports and white papers
  • Social media blasts
  • Blog reports and posts
  • E-mail autoresponder series
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Case studies
  • LinkedIn profile optimization

I am a trained and certified member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance in good standing, an organization dedicated to uncovering the most successful and persuasive web writing strategies, tactics and systems.

EzineArticles Platinum status has been reached not once, but twice, and I also create and run my own passive profit producing websites, so I understand the SEO side of copy as well as engaging your readers.

I have also received extensive training from the Wealthy Web Writer and the American Writers and Artists, Incorporated firm that employs the methods taught by copywriting legends such as Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, Katie Yeakle, Paul Hollingshead, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, John Forde, Will Newman, and Nick Usborne.

Why does any of that matter to you? Because all of that training comes to bear on your project, and I guarantee your satisfaction and results.

“He is definitely my number one writer because of how well his copy converts. If you are looking for a well-researched piece of content, Patrick is your man.I highly recommend Patrick for any writing services that you may need.”Mike Hlatky Full Time Internet Marketer
Owner and
Warrior Forum member
“I’ve used Patrick’s services for several pieces of content on my two review sites and one of my health sites, as well as my premier site, in which he wrote ALL of the content! He is as professional as they come.All content was well written and returned to me before the required delivery dates.He is extremely responsive and over-delivered for me. I’m starting a fourth site (with Patrick’s help) and could not be happier.”

Rich Viera
Warrior Forum Member
Serial niche site developer

“Patrick has been writing for me for the last 2 years, and the quality is excellent. When he says something will be done, it is done. I definitely recommend Patrick to others.Thanks again, Patrick.”Ron Page CEO and WF member

However, I don’t work with just anyone.

Because quite frankly, the demand for my time currently outstrips the amount of time I have to offer.

I also do not take any client lightly. I will do anything and everything I can to help you find more new leads, clients and customers, and to instantly improve your marketing presence and conversions.

Because you deserve the financial and personal rewards that come from a new, improved web and offline presence that is delivered through great copy … but only if you are serious about your business.

Conpy to boost your conversions and sales

And it doesn’t matter what market or business you are in, I can help improve your web presence, and drive traffic and sales.

The Next Step Is Yours

Rates will be provided when you contact me at

Ask for my rate sheet and availability, and feel free to offer a brief explanation
of your needs and goals.

Also list your preferred means of communication.

The old saying that “time is money” is absolutely true. For both you and me. So contact me today, because you want to begin reaping the rewards of your new and more powerful marketing presence as quickly as possible.

Patrick Brian O’Neill

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I look forward to hearing how I can help lighten your workload and deliver the outcome you are looking for in a timely manner.