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Patrick Brian ONeillHi,

My name is Patrick Brian O’Neill, I am a mobile marketer and writer, and I have a question for you …

Do you hate writing?

Maybe you love it but just don’t have the time. Or perhaps you are overwhelmed by punctuation, grammar, context, LSI, keyword density and all the other important factors that must come together to make Google fall in love with your blog or website. Or possibly, you always get stuck for just the right word to convey your meaning.

writer for hire

… what rhymes with orange?

I am a full-time English speaking Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer and Content Provider who loves writing. I received my first compensation as a writer when I was 8 years old, by winning a Snoopy and Woodstock Ice Hockey Game for 1st Place in a bookmark contest sponsored by the school I was attending.

Ever since then, I have been in love with the written word. I recently passed the 3 million word mark in total words published online by my clients, and have more than twice that total published when you include what I have written on my own behalf. (You do not get paid to publish more than a million words online without learning a great deal along the way, and now you can benefit from that hard-earned experience.)


I know what Google expects from your content, and also understand the inherent differences in writing for personal blogs, Google News sites, affiliate marketing sites, Amazon review sites, and every other form of online medium that requires fresh, original content.

As an English speaking writer born and raised in the good ole US of A, I have reached Platinum Author status at Ezine Articles twice, can write as a woman or a man, and always write for my clients as if the content were being scribed for myself. I care very deeply for your success, and can guarantee your satisfaction.

I also have a very limited number of client spots available at any one time, but am always looking forward to making another friend that starts out as a client. Check the RATES tab above only after you have read the wonderful TESTIMONIALS my previous and current clients have bestowed upon me. Here’s hoping for a long and fruitful relationship for the both of us, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Patrick Brian O’Neill

Drop me a line any time at, whether you need my services, or just have a really great joke you want to share.


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